Blackjack is undoubtedly one of the most popular games of chance ever. With over 500 years of history, this game is, today, one of the main attractions in the biggest casinos on the planet.

So, in order to captivate players for their platforms, the vast majority of iGaming entities bet heavily on the development of online versions of this title. Even with live game modes.

Despite being quite simple and intuitive, like any game, the use of a well-conceived strategy can bring numerous advantages to the player, namely, a higher success rate.

Thus, we developed this article, in which we discuss the strategies you should adopt, to be successful at Blackjack and, who knows, to achieve big wins.


The first step you should take to start your adventure in this charismatic game is to choose the ideal platform. Currently, due to the exponential growth of the iGaming industry over the last few years, there are a huge number of online casinos that offer Blackjack in their libraries. Therefore, it is important that you filter this offer and select the platform that will offer you the best conditions. Thus, aspects such as the existence of a license, years on the market, new titles, services or bonuses are factors that define the security, transparency and quality of a platform. So, consider the above factors, so that you don’t have any problems related to payouts or get bonuses, enjoying a high level experience.

Choose the Right Blackjack Variant

Additionally, you should take into account that there are several variants of this popular game, which, even though they are minimal, they have some differences, which you should pay special attention to. This is because, generally, they result in different profit margins, on the part of the house. Therefore, opt for the variant that gives the player a greater margin of victory (return to the highest player).

How to Play Blackjack

Afterwards, after you have defined the platform and variant on which you want to try your luck at the casino, you will have to know completely how this game works and rules. Fortunately, these are pretty simple.

At the start of each round, the player, including the dealer, will be dealt 2 cards. The objective is to obtain a higher score than the dealer, without going over 21 points.

Each card has a distinct score:

  • Figures: Worth 10 points;
  • Numbers: Worth the respective score;
  • Ace: Worth 1 or 11 points, depending on the player’s will.

Through your hand, you can choose to ask for additional cards. If you get an ace and a face, you will have a Blackjack and will be declared the winner of that round.


If you have completed all the steps above, it’s time to start playing! To do this, use a basic card strategy, which consists of a chart, which will indicate the decision to be taken in any situation. It tells you whether you should “Stay” or “Request” another card, taking into account not only the value of your hand, but also the dealer’s visible card.

These cards are extremely useful for beginning players, as they are extremely easy to read, requiring no effort from the player. They are simply based on probabilities. However, these have some limitations:

They don’t tell you what to do in side bets; They don’t tell you how much you should bet.

Count Cards

This is usually the first factor that comes to mind when thinking about Blackjack strategies. Due to its high success rate, most casinos prohibit this practice in their establishments, inviting players who use it to leave. But, after all, what does this technique consist of?

In a nutshell, it consists of counting the number of high and low cards that come out throughout the rounds, giving the player a more accurate hint of the size of the card that will come out next.

The most popular counting system is called Hi-Lo, and it can be explained very briefly: for each low card (2, 3, 4, 5, 6) one point is added and for each high card (10, J, K, Q, A) subtract one. The higher the count, the more likely you are to get a high card.

For this reason, most casinos have started to adopt the practice of including multiple decks in each round, making it difficult to apply this same strategy.

Use the Game Demo Mode

Additionally, you can use the free versions of Blackjack, made available by the various entities. Here, you will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the rules and how the game works, as well as to test and practice your favorite strategies. All this can be done without risking any amount, taking advantage of virtual credits provided by the platform. It’s the perfect way to get to know the game without risking your money.